Puffle Backgrounds

Hey guys! Here are some puffle backgrounds  I hope you have!




































































Halloween Items

Hey guys!

Here are some puffle items I hope you used if you decorated your iggy.


New Puffle!


There is going to be a new puffle, a brown one! Every time the color of the  penguin changes, the color is going to be the new puffle color! The brown can be seen at forest, but he is quick.


Pinky is gone!

Pinky left me. I guess I didn’t take good care of her but I saw her at the Pet Shop though.

At least I can visit her until I get her again.


Heres the Facebook link for Club Puffle: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Club-Puffle/126121527441564

If you have one please join, if you joined Club Puffle.


Heres my poster for Club Puffle. I emailed Club Penguin to see what they say about putting this as a item.


Puffle items

Hi! Here are some items that have to do with puffles!

Yellow Puffle on chalkboard.

Group of puffles on whiteboard.

Drum set with red puffle.

Pirate puffle steamer.

Pink puffle on chalkboard.

Green puffle on chalkboard.

Pop art puffle poster.

Drum set with pirate puffle.

Green Puffle bean bag.

Hope you have some of these!